RVM – Reverse Vending Machines

Allow used drinks containers to be sorted and recycled, helping to limit waste and protect the environment for future generation.

Recycling Redefined for Retail Excellence

Discover RVM Systems beverage container recycling machines:
Advanced technology, user-friendly design, and reliability to streamline
your recycling process in retail.

Características destacables

Advanced Technology

Equipped with high-precision scanning systems and shape and weight recognition for efficient recycling.

Integration with
Management Systems

Easily integrate with existing waste management systems in retail.

User-Friendly Design

Designed to be intuitive for both customers and staff, minimizing training time.

Technical Support

Offer a robust technical support and maintenance service to quickly resolve operational issues.


Constructed with durable materials for reliable and long-lasting operation.


Reduce pollution, combating impurity and increasing the quality of recyclable materials.