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We enhance the experience of users con soluciones tecnológicas innovadoras y exitosas a nivel mundial.

A little
of our history

Girboy Group, fundada en abril de 2007, ofrece , offers quality technological solutions for the retail market.

We have qualified professionals and access to the latest technology thanks to our international partnerships.
Our products encompass hardware and software for the retail industry.

We have grown steadily, undertaking projects in South America, Mexico, Canada, and the USA, establishing business relationships with other national and international companies.

Ofrecemos un amplio portfolio de soluciones
para hacer tu negocio más rentable y eficiente

We strive for our clients' success and
contribute to improving people's lives with our customized solutions.con nuestras soluciones a medida

Automatización de recepción de envases

They make it easier to collect and store returnable and disposable beverage containers.

Etiquetas electrónicas de precios

They allow for quick price updating, offering end users accurate prices and a more convenient shopping experience.

Terminales de autopago para el retail

They optimize the payment process and increase operational efficiency, providing an agile and personalized purchasing experience.

Balanzas de autoservicio asistidas

Powered by AI, weight measurements are accurate and efficient, streamlining weighing processes and improving customer satisfaction.

Top retail chains support our track record

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